Broadcast Design

Telling stories with type, image, movement and sound. Does it get any better?

An explainer film, an info graphic, music video or something a bit meatier – what we can say and do in 30 seconds is Mount Everest to a designer. The impact and information we can convey to an audience for a lasting impression is one of the most exciting briefs around.

Saul bass for Hitchcock, David Fincher, Patrick Clare, the list of masters and quality is very very high.

We cut our cloth to fit – we’re not all aiming for Hollywood  – but we’re always aiming to join that exulted list.

Process – the principle are the same. What do you want to achieve, what are you trying to say, who are you talking to? We’ll do the rest.

Brief, script, designs, mood boards, music, voiceover, first cut, then fine tuning and finished movie.