Today, a freelance graphic designer must simultaneously serve as content manager, designer, typographer, illustrator, photographer, editor, project manager and consultant.

There are two ways I tend to work.

  1. You know what you need. You’re experienced at commissioning creatives. You don’t need a philosophy lesson, you need great, reliable design work. Fast.
  2. You’re great at what you do, you know you need to communicate and you want the best. But you need an expert to walk you through the process and manage the project.

The Design process

Broadly speaking the process is the same for most briefs. Listening, thinking, doing.

Before we can deliver the most creative and effective work for you, we must first understand you, your challenges and your audience.

After research and discussion, we get creative and make our design proposals.

The brief. 

Instructions to the designer of who you are, what the problem is perceived to be. Where you are heading and who you are talking to.

The brief is essentially our contract. A document for us to refer to throughout the process. This covers what you are trying to achieve, why your need design solutions, who you are trying to connect with. Clearly defined goals and measures of success are key to a successful endeavour.

I can help you right the brief if it’s a new experience. Often the perceived problems can be solved with some fresh perspective – after all, we deal with this process day in day out, so early conversations can often save time and money.

I’m always looking for new challenges and problems to solve, so give me a shout if you’d like to discuss your project. 07957 692 686 or contact me here