How to market a product that doesn’t physically exist.

I was tasked with selling in and project managing the 3D route for the new Hive product range.

The client was understandably nervous about going down the 3D route over photography in situ.

Fortunately I was working with a couple of the best 3D guys in the country and knew that we could get the best results possible.

Timing was a factor and given the range and variations required it was a no brainer. So I sourced reference and presented mock ups to walk the client through the process. All the time checking in with my team and managing expectations and timelines.

So instead of booking in multiple shoots, or buying in library shots we presented a series of options and locked in the final shot list. Buying the team un-interrupted time to crunch the pixels and deliver the image bank for Hive to go to market with the new range.

I’m really experienced at walking the line between client expectation and quality delivery. I work well with creative teams and pressured clients – give me a call if you need any creative direction or art direction.