Alongside my design work I am often commissioned to shoot film and photography. Designing and image-making go hand in hand for me – all part of the same process – so a perfect opportunity to create a new identity!

After researching the history of camera’s recently for a commission from DocHouse I was left with lots of exciting new design development and moodboards that I simply had to take further.

I’ve always been inspired by Saul Bass and the early bond titles so came up these designs.



Animation stills. Both elements (name and camera) are to flicker and interact. Either fast and flickery or smooth and slow depending on the music and ident use.




White out version


End frame with multiple services listed.


A completely alternative approach with moving pixel textures revealing in the background, suggesting multiple channels on an ever changing and vast digital landscape.

I’m always looking for new challenges and exciting briefs, so give me a shout if you are after some new creative.