Phase 2 of WDT Brand and comms gets the go ahead

A few years ago I was approached to design a logo for Nicky Searle’s new venture – We Do Talent – a broadcast TV recruitment company based in London. The budget was modest and I was happy to put in the extra days to get something polished off the ground to arm Nicky with a strong, fresh, creative identity for moving forward in a crowded and high powered industry.

The identity has been received really well and WDT has been going from strength to strength. Now, there’s a budget for us to expand the brand as we discussed and work is starting on the new website.

Its great to take on a modest brief with hopes for the venture to grow down the road and have our faith rewarded…

Here’s some of the creative development.

Recruitment is all about getting through the door and providing calm to your clients

The “serenity” brand approach applied to multiple formats
Alternative identity designs, focusing on fast moving and varied commutes

I’m always on the look out for a new Identity or Brand publishing  project to get my teeth into. Give me a shout if you have a new venture that needs to make an impact.